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Utah Work Incentive Planning Services

Do you want to know how working will impact your Social Security disability and other benefits?


Social Security formUWIPS Can Help

Utah Work Incentives Planning Services (UWIPS) helps people on Social Security disability understand how working impacts their Social Security and other benefits, including Medicaid, Medicare, housing, food stamps, etc.

UWIPS also educates people about work incentives and community resources that might be helpful.


How can I Get Help from UWIPS?

If you are a Vocational Rehabilitation client, ask your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to refer you to UWIPS. Other agencies (DWS, DSPD, mental health) and organizations (service brokers, job coaches, etc) can also refer you.

You can also refer yourself by filling out a referral form and faxing it to us or by calling (801) 887-9530.

UWIPS Contact Information

1595 West 500 South

Salt Lake City, UT  84104

Telephone: (801) 887-9530

Toll-Free: (866) 454-8397

Fax: (801) 974-1992


UWIPS is administered by USOR and funded by the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, the Social Security Administration, and the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

disability law centerIf you have questions about your legal rights under the work incentives, you can call the Disability Law Center at (800) 662-9080 and ask for the PABSS program.

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