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Contact Utah’s Business Relations Team

We want to hear from youUtah has assembled a diverse team to meet business’ needs. Team members represent a range of agencies and organizations, and have an expertise to assist you in recruiting, hiring, accommodating and advancing a diverse workforce that includes employees who have disabilities. The Utah Team is not an enforcement agency. All information is confidential. All services are provided at no-cost to the business. Contact the PWDNET Business Relations Team at (801) 887-9522 or at

PWDNET (People with Disabilities Network) provides training and support to business and links them to qualified job candidates who have disabilities.

Services include:

1.     Pre-employment services – connecting future employees with companies through internships, mentoring opportunities and training that is customized to the business need or delivered on-the-job.

2.     Recruitment and referral of qualified applicants.

3.     Staff training and orientation on disability awareness, the Americans with Disabilities Act and other employment laws as well as topics related to disabilities and assistive technology in the workplace. Biannual workshops as well as training at your business are available.

4.     Diversity program strategies that support the inclusion of people with disabilities as both customers and employees.

5.     Retention programs to support employees who develop or acquire a disability.

6.     Consulting, technical assistance and support.

a.     Workplace accommodations and assistive technology.

b.     Labor relations, legal, and compliance issues.

c.     Information technology and the accessibility of internal or external sites, computer hardware and software.

d.     Accessibility related to contract management and facilities.

e.     Marketing and customer service to improve services and/or increase the market share of people with disabilities.

7.     Financial supports including access to tax credits and/or deductions available for hiring or accommodating people with disabilities.

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