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UCAT Client Testimonials

Go Baby Go Program:

“First of all, we would like to start with a big thank you for who made this donation possible (Utah Assistive Technology Foundation and Children with Special Heath Care Needs). With this car I hope he will be able to move around and have lots of fun. This will make all of our lives easier! We see how much he desires to play and follow his siblings and how with this life changing opportunity he will be able to explore more things. In name of M. we are sure in his future he will appreciate this gift from all of you who made this possible.”


Adapted Ponytail:

“Since our daughter’s tragic accident four years ago that left her paralyzed, UCAT has been our team of heroes. They have helped our daughter reach her goals many times through their MacGyver solutions. They are committed and determined to serve our community and continue to amaze me. The most recent solution that they came up with is called the Pony Stomper. Our daughter wanted to be able to put her long hair into a ponytail, but with her hands being paralyzed this seemed an impossible goal. With much persistence, the UCAT team figured out a way and now she can put her hair in a ponytail by herself. No words are sufficient to express my gratitude for you all at UCAT! Thank you!!!”


Wheelchair Maintenance:

“Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy: When our visitors from Africa came to Salt Lake City to examine disability issues in the U.S., they never expected to leave home with new wheelchairs and much needed maintenance on their existing ones. We want to give special thanks to the Utah Center for Assistive Technology (UCAT) for bestowing unimaginable kindness (“on the part of strangers”) to our African visitors and for helping to make Salt Lake City their best program since arriving in the U.S. They will not forget this experience, ever.”


Community Partnerships:

“Midtown Community Health Center team would like to thank you and highlight how much we appreciate the support that your team provides to us. We have referred several patients that are in need of help. Your team is always more than willing to jump in and help without any hesitation. I cannot tell you enough how amazing you are and the positive impact that you have in people’s lives. You provide them with support that they could never afford on their own. The UCAT team always bring a positive attitude and are a pleasure to work with. We appreciate you very much and hope the holiday season brings joy to all of you.”


Adapted TV Remote:

“Please know that D. loves having access to the tv through the adapted remote that you provided for us. He has access to the TV and able to change channels on his own. He thinks its the greatest thing and we have learned that he loves watching documentaries. We had no idea! You have done a great thing for D. Thank you!”


Smart Pen:

“Thank you for demoing your smart pen, it really did help me… I want you to know how much I appreciate it. It really did help me on the things I missed or didn’t want to write down! This pen helped me get all A’s and a B+ in Math!”

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